"Freedom to Cure"

"Doc" Mike's Mission Statement:

"My motivation, in my work, is and has been to prevent grave harm to persons. This motivation is founded upon my reading and research into the nature of drugs and toxic substances."

"Doc" Mike's mission is also to free the doctors, occupational therapists, physical therapists & massage therapists from the parasitical pharmaceutical companies. NOT "in commerce" NOT "in business" Not "for profit"

Everyone in the world is entitled to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness... pain free & drug free. Suicide is the leading cause of Death from fibromyalgia Syndrome and chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome, and innumerable people with these non-terminal but devastating illnesses have chosen to end their interminable pain and suffering by taking their own lives, most notably two of whom, within ten months, have ended their suffering by using the services of assisted suicide, and it is our sole intent to prevent any more tragic loss of life due to this disease entity, Fibromyalgia Syndrome and chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

Mike "Doc" Witort, P.M.D


  • The American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry
  • Reflexologist
  • Myotherapist
  • Life Coach
  • Faith Healer
  • Hyper-Oxygenator
  • Top 100 Medical Professionals of the Year 2006
  • Top 10 Medical Professionals of the Year 2006
  • International Medical Professional of the Year 2006

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