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"Doc" Mike Witort has personally experienced and overcome the pharmacutical industrial complex's grip on health care in America. Now the "Doc" shares the results of his many years of alternative health care research.

"Doc" Mike hosts a live call-in radio broadcast on American Voice Radio Network and fields questions from the toll free call-in line (800-596-8191) or (541-826-9159), chat-room and YAHOO instant messenger (americanvoiceradio), phone bridge #218-862-7200. You are entitled to an appropriate alternative treatment to the pharmacutical industries dangerous drug dependence program and "Doc" Mike Witort educates you concerning some of those appropriate alternatives. "Doc" Mike was forced by the AMA and pharmaceutical corporation controlled judicial system to halt his broadcasts for two years BUT HAS NOW RETURNED TO THE AIR WAVES. (09-24-08)

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No material made available by this website is medical advice nor is to be considered as such. "Doc" is not used to designate anyone as a "medical doctor" or any other kind of "doctor." "Doc" is a "nickname" NOT a professional designation. All information is presented for your private educational evaluation.

American Voice Radio - Wake Up Well with Mike Witort